🚀 Africa’s top investors of 2021

Back by popular demand (our April post on the same topic has been our most-read so far), this week we are looking at the most active investors in Africa, and Boy, haven’t they been busy!

  • Launch Africa (with more than a deal a week on average 🤯), Kepple AfricaY Combinator and Flat6Labs are still amongst the most active, and they’re joined by LoftyInc Capital Management, who complete the Top 5 most active investors of 2021 so far. 
  • This Top 5 have been involved in 1 in 3 ‘early-stage’ deals ($100k to $1m) on the continent so far this year (97 out of 295). In total, they have already invested in 127 deals in 2021.
  • They have been most active in Nigeria (41 deals), Egypt (30), Kenya (15) and South Africa (15). In total, they have invested in start-ups in 14 different countries. The only country they have all invested in at least a deal is Egypt; actually they have all invested in at least 4 deals in the country.
  • The sector the Top5 investors mostly invest in is… fintech – which represent one third of the deals they participated in -, followed by logistics & transportation (12%) and healthcare (10%).
  • 72% of the deals they’re involved in are with start-ups with an all-male funding team, in line with the market overall. However, only 9% of the start-ups they invested in in 2021 so far have a female CEO, which is lower than the average (14%).
  • Now of course this data is based on publicly disclosed deals, and a few more shared in confidence by investors, and it is not impossible that a couple more investors would deserve to make this list (Future Africa for instance)… 

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